Risk Assessment Libraries

These Extensions are meant to speed up your risk assessment activities, such as identifying, evaluating and mitigating risks.

Some of them require special templates, usually provided in the extension download.

Contact the Aligned Element Support Team for advice on how to apply these extensions in the quickest possible way.

ISO 14971 Annex C Risk Identification

Aligned Elements users can kick start their risk identification process by downloading and importing our ISO 14971:2012 Annex C Extension, assessing them, and start generating risks and mitigation. 

The ISO 14971:2012 Annex C Extension contains:

  • RVT file for an ISO 14971 Annex C Question (becoming the ISO 24791 Annex A in the 2019 edition) and a corresponding DOCX Reporting style template
  • 42 importable questions built on Annex C in ISO 14971 to assess and integrate into your Risk Assessment

This Extension facilitates the assessment of the questions, the creation of both an automated assessment report of the Annex C questions as well as a starting point for generating new risks and mitigation. 

IMDRF Terminologies for Categorized Adverse Event Reporting

This package contains predefined Potential Hazards, Causes, and Harms derived from the IMDRF Terminologies for Categorized Adverse Event Reporting.

The lists are applicable to Aligned Elements projects using Risk Assessments using the Preliminary Hazard Analysis method. 

Hazard Examples from ISO 14971:2012 Annex E

A great way of conducting a structured risk identification is to start off with a known list of potential hazards. ISO 14971:2012 Annex E (ISO 14971:2012 Annex C) provides such a list that can be downloaded and imported below.  

The ISO 14971 Hazard Examples contains:

  • 74 importable potential Hazards built on Annex E in ISO 14971:2012 (ISO 14971:2012 Annex C) to assess and integrate into your Risk Assessment

The imported items correspond to the Hazard Design Control in the Aligned Elements FDA Templates. 

Example Of Five Qualitative Severity Levels from ISO 14971:2012

In support of the Preliminary Hazard Analysis model in Aligned Elements, here are five PHA Harms based on the example Five Qualitative Severity Levels from ISO 14971 Table D. 3.