Misc Support FAQ

Aligned Elements appears in Windows "classic" mode

When Aligned Elements starts up, it is displayed with the visual appearance of Windows "classic" mode.

Reason: This behaviour is caused by the Windows Update KB4467702 (OS Build 17134.407), release date November 13th (the behaviour can be reverted by uninstalling the update).


The change in visual appearance has no impact on the Aligned Elements functions or the integrity of your data.

We are aware of this behaviour and we are currently working on a way to solve this visual appearance deviation.


Why can't I mail out review invitations?

Your mail settings are probably not configured. Define your project's mail server parameters under Project->Project Settings. See the AE User Manual section 6.2 for details. Furthermore, you have to set the email address for each user. See the AE User Manual section 6.1 for details.

Can I configure AE so that only invitees are to access a review?

No, currently all users that have access permissions to the document object type "Review" can access the review. See the AE User Manual section 6.1 for details.